Buying Resources

Buying a home is usually one of the largest and most important investments a person or family will make.  There are several things a buyer should be prepared for. As a Realtor I will walk you through each step of the process, hiring a professional to lead you is one of the first decision you will make in the buying process.

Once you have selected me and my team as your Realtor we are here to guide you through this process. You have made the decision that you are ready to buy your new home, first you must find the right lender, figure out how much house you can afford, and get pre-qualified for your loan. We will assist you with any questions you may have in this process and give referrals to great lenders in our area that can assist you based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Now that you are pre-qualified for your loan we can begin looking for your perfect home. This is one of the most exciting, anxious, and stressful times but rest assure we have you covered. We begin this process by talking with you and your family, listing and prioritizing the most important features you are seeking for your new home. We will work on your behalf finding properties that fit your needs sending you listings as they become available. You can begin your search right here on my website, since you are my client you have access to create a client account and save properties that interest you then I am able to view those as well. My search results are accurate and update every five minutes so you have the same information available to you as I do.

Once we find “the one” we will begin negotiations with the seller. We may have to go back and forth several times with the seller until we both come to an agreement on the final price. Once we have agreed on a negotiated price, a quality home inspector will be needed. I can recommend several inspectors to you or you can choose to get references from friends or family members. According to the inspectors report, we can choose to go back to the seller and request a drop in price or request that the seller must make repairs before closing.

Always keep in mind that the seller is always in control and could possibly stop negotiations if a better offer comes along, or you can’t come to an agreement on the price. This is why it is very important to not get too emotionally attached to a house. That may not be the house for you and the deal fizzles out. We look forward to helping you in this process of home-ownership it is likely you have many questions please contact us today at (407) 451-5886,, or by filling out our contact form.

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