First Time Home Buyer

The first time home buyers guide.

This an exciting time for you, you have made the decision to purchase a home, one of the largest investments you will probably ever make. The home buying process can be overwhelming, your head is spinning with questions like: Do I have enough for a down payment? Can I afford the home of my dreams? How does the home buying process work? What about financing? Where do I begin? And on and on. These are common questions and concerns but if you are prepared, your first home purchase can be a great experience.


Getting a Mortgage

Getting a mortgage for your first home.

As a first time home buyer your first step is getting your finances in order and researching lenders and mortgage options. Many first time home buyers fear being rejected by the lender, being pre-approved for your loan will help to lessen the stress. First time home buyers that are pre-approved are preferred by sellers, because you have gone through an extensive financial background check and there shouldn’t be any unexpected financing situations to cause any problem with you buying their home. Your lender will help you to determine how much you can afford and your mortgage payment, based on your debt, your income, and how much you have for a down payment on your new home.

Closing Costs

Closing Costs

A smart first time home buyer will take closing cost into account before making an offer, but often times they forget about closing costs. These fees can cost up to 10 percent of the homes sale amount, added to the down payment can be financially difficult when the closing cost hasn’t been accounted for. Your can avoid this by seeking help from a Realtor (sales agent) I can estimate the closing cost for you in advance so there are not any surprises for you on closing day.

Making an Offer

Making An Offer

As a first time home buyer don’t ever feel pressured to make an offer on any home or on the first home that you see. Make sure you view several different homes to get a feel for the market and what your expectation should be for your price range. When you find your dream home and are ready to make an offer, I will be there to assist you as a real estate professional with any questions you may have, assist you in writing your offer, and negotiating the offer.

Home Inspection

Home Condition

Almost all first time home buyers fear buying a home with many problems or a home that needs major repairs. As your Realtor I will advise you to hire a home inspector to avoid any unfortunate surprises, after your inspection you will know exactly what you are buying. Always remember there are never any stupid questions, I am happy to answer them for you. I will always explain to you every step of the home buying process and ensure that you are completely comfortable with the entire process of buying your home. Your first home-purchase should be a special and rewarding experience contact me today to began the search for your first home.

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