Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home

Selling your home has become a much more complex transaction then what it use to be five-ten years ago. Navigating today’s confusing real estate world, that is filled with longer more confusing form agreements and many different situations that can arise in the process of selling your home. This requires the expertise, experience, and training of a real estate professional to help you understand the process of selling your home.

Hiring a great real estate agent to assist in selling your home will help you set the right price, market the home in a professional manner, qualify interested buyers, negotiate and finalize a deal. A good agent will have experience and recent sales in their market area, ask us for referrals from some of our sellers.

Are you prepared to sell your home?

Deciding to sell your home usually begins months prior to your home being available for sale. Decide what the home needs to look like, what rooms need to be painted, what needs to be cleaned, and what personal things can be stored to help de-clutter your home. We want your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible it is important to discuss this with your agent and let them advise you on "getting ready" for you home to be sold.

Hiring a sales agent to sell your home.

Hiring a professional is very important in the sale of your home they have experience and knowledge in real estate trends, market value, and community concerns. How do you choose the right sales agent to sell your home? Begin by getting referrals from past sellers they have worked with, ask what experience we have in the immediate area that your home is located. As your sales agent I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Once you have selected your sales agent they will begin marketing your home immediately, a professional will keep you informed as buyers become interested. As your professional real estate agent I will be there through every step of the process.

Setting the price of your home, how much is it worth?

As a homeowner you want the best possible price, sold in the shortest amount of time and that is my goal as your sales agent. Setting the price on your home should be based on the local sales prices, supply and demand, and the condition of the home, I will run a comparative market analysis to help you determine how much your home is worth.

How your home will be marketed

Your home once listed will be entered in to the MLS (multiple listing service) which in turn will be featured across the internet on several websites including ours on our featured listings page. There will be a variety of marketing efforts made such as new-listing announcements mailed, newsletters with your home featured, open houses, and broker access to your home with use of a lock box.

Finally the actual sale of the property

Several factors determine if a buyers offer is acceptable that include: what is the offer is it the asking price? close to the asking price? or above asking price? many other questions go along with these and major details of any offer. As your sales agent I will help negotiate a counter offer and all the details of the contract.

Closing on your home

Great as a team we have successfully prepared your home for sale, set a price, listed it, marketed it and negotiated o price with a buyer now it is time to close. We will set a date for everything to happen from the time escrow is opened until final paper work is recorded. During the closing period you as the seller are responsible to keep the home in good condition, negotiate and make repairs that the buyers requested and you agreed to in the contract,  notify the utility companies of a final service date, and prepare to move. Once all the sales contracts are met and all loan documents have been prepared, Escrow will prepare the HUD-1 settlement statement, this where all monies coming in and being paid out on your closing date are itemized. You will have the opportunity to review these documents prior to the closing date where you will sign the final paperwork. Any questions you my have please contact me.

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